Rising Snake Table Pipe by VALA RAE


6” x 8.5” x 3”  

Stoneware, Gold Luster

VALA RAE is a unique housewares production company by Jessie Rose Vala and Emily Rae Counts that blurs the lines between; art and design, routine and ritual, and functional and fantastical objects. Their pieces focus on light and fire, a reflection on the hearth, once the center of the home.

VALA RAE is guided by art practices, allowing for a fluid generation of objects and ideas. Improvisational actions are relied upon in the creative process as a design for a vase or pipe may inform the shape of a unique table lamp, one idea leading unexpectedly to the next. The intention of VALA RAE is to constantly shift and evolve as a company, to exhibit pieces that are made by Vala and Counts both individually and in tandem, and to build a platform to create work that addresses the convergence of design, art, and craft.

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